Yugen Kombucha Lemon-Ginger (32,5cl)


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Cold-pressed ginger and fresh lemon juice are fused together with marigold and elderberry to create the ultimate elixir of life.
Experience the awakening power of this spicy herbal concoction and fuel your inner fire.

Ingredients: filtered water, kombucha culture, organic green & black tea, organic cane sugar, organic herbal infusion (marigold, coriander seed, elderberry), organic cold-pressed ginger juice (2%), organic lemon juice (2%).

Fruit: Lemon

Herbs: Ginger, Marigold, Elderberry, Coriander seed

Yugen kombucha n’est pas pasteurisé, il doit donc être stocké dans un réfrigérateur (<7°C).

Producteur: Yugen Kombucha – Gent